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HIV/AIDS Home Testing: Things To Know

HIV is one of the devastating viruses that affect the immune system. In fact, HIV is becoming an acceptable disease like cancer, diabetes, heart problem and other chronic diseases. Many people are not aware that they are infected. People look and feel healthy for a long time after being infected.

HIV doesn’t usually have symptoms during the early years. It can take 10 years or more to show the symptoms. The individual may feel feverish, sick and achy in the initial 2-4 weeks of being infected.

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Symptoms and Precautions

The symptoms like – a sore throat, thrush, bad yeast infection, lightheaded, feeling dizzy, headaches, chronic pelvic inflammatory diseases etc last for a few weeks. During this time, it is really easy to spread HIV to other people around.

Due to the increased risk of spreading HIV and difficulty in understanding the signs of HIV, doctors recommend taking a test at least once a year. Many people are bold enough to know about their HIV status. Many people are afraid of the results just because they don’t want others to know about their disease. Testing yourself helps you know the status before it reaches the last stage.

HIV home test kit availability

You can now test with the HIV home test kit that comes with everything you need to carry out the test. It is important to buy HIV quick test in Austria from a reliable and trustworthy company.

When you purchase an HIV test kit from an authorized company, you can be assured of the accuracy of the result.  Moreover, the privacy that home testing provide gives you a relief. There will be a normal life expectancy for those who get treated early enough.

Health care providers also agree that HIV home test kit in Germany is an important tool that helps curb the spread of HIV. However, there are a few concerns about the settings and usage. It is advised to read the instruction manual thoroughly before you take the test.

How to test HIV?

The primary test to diagnosis HIV includes a blood test that looks for the antibodies to the virus. Most of the health care providers and hospitals offer HIV testing along with appropriate counseling. Your doctors will ask about your medical history, symptoms and risk factors before performing a physical examination.

The presence of HIV infection is detected with the help of ELISA Test. This test is quite sensitive to HIV infection. If the test results are positive, the Western blot test is performed to confirm the diagnosis. If the test result is negative, you must get tested after 3 months. The antibodies are not produced immediately and it may take a few weeks to develop antibodies to the virus.

Home test kit

You can test HIV at home using HIV rapid test kits. Aids selbsttest kaufen approved by FDA for rapid results at home. There are two types of home test kit available in the market.

  • HIV-1 test system

This test kit requires a blood sample, which is sent to the lab for processing. The individual must call the toll-free number and register using anonymous code. The individual collects the blood sample at home using the kit and sends the sample to the lab via mail. The results are sent to the individual within 48 hours. If the person receives a positive result, they should make an appointment with their doctor at the earliest.

  • HIV Rapid test kit

This kit is newer and provides results within 20-25 minutes. The individuals have to collect saliva from their upper and lower gum lines. The swab is then kept in a testing solution. Once the reaction is complete, the individual can read the results at home.


Both the home test kits are quite effective and likely to provide results with 99.9% accuracy.   Order HIV quick test kit to know the status of your health and prevent the spreading of the disease.

What if the results are positive?

If the HIV home testing results are positive, you must schedule an appointment with your doctor. The doctors will conduct multiple tests that are needed to get the final diagnosis. The HIV/AIDS tests are always combined with psychological counseling as the individuals need professional support.

If the final result is positive, you will be prescribed some medications. Patients with HIV can lead a normal life. Many questions can be answered with regular checkups and HIV rapid tests. The rapid test ensures clarity and ensures that your family is protected from transmitted infections.

Bottom Line :

The HIV rapid test is no doubt ensures clarity about the disease. It is important to follow safe practices to prevent the disease, no matter what the HIV rapid test result is.

Order AIDS test for home today and free yourself from the worry!