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antigenp24The HIV test of the 4th Generation, with detection of p24 antigen:

Our HIV test recognizes both the p24 antigen, and the HIV antibodies, and is therefore safer, than an HIV test of the 3rd Generation, which can only detect HIV antibodies.

The p24 antigen exists only in HIV-1. It can be detected as early as 14 days after infection and for the duration of about 4 weeks.

There are numerous studies on the detection of p24 antigen and corresponding recommendations. Here is a short list:

International 1994
Comparative study on the detection of HIV-1 p24 antigen by enzyme immunoassay with and without immune complex dissociation in serum HIV-positive subjects:

Switzerland 1998
Bulletin of the Federal Office of Public Health 1999, 48, 890-91, 20 November 1999:

USA 2009

Assessment of the ability of a fourth-generation immunoassay for human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) antibody and p24 antigen to detect both acute and recent HIV infections in a high-risk setting:

We have deliberately given sources that extend over one and a half decades from 1994 to 2009 to illustrate how long the test for p24 antigen is content of clinical studies. This list could be supplemented by thousands of other sources.

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Summarized in one sentence:

HIV testing of the 4th Generation, which demonstrate the ANTIGEN p24 and the HIV antibodies can be much more accurate and reliable than the HIV testing of the 3rd Generation, such as those offered by the competitors.