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Alpha-Fetoprotein home test/rapid test BioTechMed × 5

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Self test / home test for alpha-fetoprotein (AFP-test). From the experts BioTechMed. This AFP test is GMP and ISO9001 certified and approved and has passed extensive testing! For this test, you only need a few drops of blood.

5 packages = 5 applications
“BioTechMed AFP Test”

This is a very simple to carry out self-AFP test for the detection of alpha-fetoprotein (AFP) in blood. You have to give only a few drops of blood on the test strip. After 15 minutes you will have the result.

Remove quickly all the uncertainties of a possible cancer in the body.

Elevated AFP values may indicate the presence of cancer, most commonly liver cancer, cancer of the ovary, and germ cell tumors of the testis. Elevated levels can sometimes go hand in hand with other cancers such as gastric, colorectal, lung, breast cancer and lymphoma. Other diseases such as liver cirrhosis and hepatitis can lead to higher levels of AFP.

Limit (cut off) of our AFP-Heimtest/Schnelltest according international standards: 25 ng / ml.

More related information to alpha-fetoprotein is available on Wikipedia:

The AFP rapid test is manufactured to the highest quality standards. The manufacturing process is certified according to DIN ISO 9001, GMP and is constantly monitored for compliance with the standards.

The kit contains everything you need for testing.

If you get a positive result (ie. have an elevated AFP value), you should consult a doctor.

Each buyer accepts the following conditions:
I am aware of the possibilities of the regular tests and I know what a positive test result means and the test is done on their own.

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