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GONORRHEA home test/rapid test BioTechMed × 2

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Self Test/Home Test for GONORRHEA. From the experts BioTechMed. This rapid test is GMP and ISO9001 certified and approved and has passed extensive testing! For this test you need is a completely painless swab of the vagina or penis / urinary tract.

2 packages = 2 applications
“BioTechMed GONORRHEA” Test

This is a very simple feasible gonorrhea self-test. You need only take a sample or a swab from the effluent and add the buffer solutions. After 15 minutes you will have the result.

Remove quickly all the uncertainties of a possible gonorrhea disease .

Gonorrhea is particularly in Western Europe on the rise and can – untreated – lead to serious health problems, such as Inflammation of the meninges (meningitis) and heart (endocarditis). Furthermore, it can also cause infertility. Gonorrhea can be cured by administering antibiotics. There are 12-25 sufferers per 100,000 population; respectively there are about 10000-20000 cases per year, such as in Germany.

The offered Geonorrhea test for self diagnosis, is according to progress in viral diagnostics.

The pathogen spreads in vaginal, oral and anal sex. The incubation period is usually 2-3 days, but this may take up to 7 days. In women it can take 10 days before symptoms are visible. About 5% of those infected have no symptoms, but can infect other people.

Symptoms in men and women:
– Urethritis
– Purulent discharge
– Pain when urinating
– Rectal pain
– Itching
– Bleeding or painful bowel movements
– Neck pain
– Fever

Other symptoms in women:
– Inflammation of the cervix with a purulent discharge
– Inflammation of the vagina
– Abdominal pain
– Bleeding between menstrual periods

Other symptoms in men:
– Swelling and pain around the testicles

People with gonorrhea can more easily transmit HIV, than not infected. Furthermore, HIV infected people much more easily transmitted gonorrhea, than not infected.

More about Gonorrhea on Wikipedia:

The gonorrhea rapid tests are made to highest quality standards. The manufacturing process is certified according to DIN ISO 9001, GMP and is constantly monitored for compliance with the standards.

The kit contains everything you need for testing.

If you get a positive result is imperative that you consult a doctor.

Each buyer accepts the following conditions:
I am aware of the possibilities of the regular tests and I know what a positive test result means and the test is done on their own.

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