HIV home test/rapid test blood INTEC 3. Gen. – Pack of 2

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HIV home test/rapid test blood INTEC 3. Gen. × 2

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Third-generation self-test/home test for HIV-1 and HIV-2. Detection of an HIV infection after only 90 days. By the INTEC experts. This AIDS test is GMP-certified and licensed, and has passed stringent WHO tests! The manufacturing process is also certified according to ISO 9001. You need only a small drop of blood for this test – it is completely painless.

Contents: 2 Test kits (for 2 uses)

The test kit contains
– Alcohol swabs (for cleaning your finger)
– Lancet (for skin-pricking)
– Micropipette (for picking up the drop of blood)
– Buffer solution container (for the evaluation)
– Cartridge (indicates the result)

The test has been subjected to adequate laboratory tests and achieved outstanding accuracy.

Specificity: 100%
Clinical studies have been carried out in the USA and Canada. In both studies, 119 HIV-negative specimens were found negative by the “Advanced Quality HIV 1&2 rapid test.” The result was verified by EIA and a Western Blot test. This shows 100% specificity.

Sensitivity: 100%
In the aforementioned studies, 64 HIV-positive specimens were recognized as positive by the “Advanced Quality HIV 1&2 rapid test.” The result was also compared with EIA and Western Blot tests. This shows a sensitivity of 100%.

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The test was evaluated by the WHO in 2009 and was found to be very good. According to the WHO it achieved a specificity of 99.8% and a sensitivity of 99.8%. You can read the entire report HERE.

Every buyer accepts the following terms:
I am aware of the capabilities of the regular test methods and I know what a positive test result means, and I take the test under my own responsibility. In case of a positive result, a comparative test always has to be carried out in the laboratory (for example a Western Blot test) to confirm the result.

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