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CE (0123), ISO 13485:2003 and TÜV certified self-test / home test of the 4th Generation for HIV-1 and HIV-2. Evidence of HIV infection after 14 days, thanks to p24 antigen detection. From the expert Standard Diagnostics Inc. This AIDS test is approved in Europe and has passed extensive WHO and UNAIDS tests! For this test, you only need a small drop of blood – it’s completely painless.tuev-logo-klein
sd-bioline-poct1 package = 1 application
“SD BioLine HIV 1 / 2 POCT”, 4 Generation
SPECIAL EDITION with automatic safety lancet

The “SD BioLine HIV 1 / 2 3.0 POCT” quick test is usually supplied by the manufacturer with a simple lancet (like as a sterile needle). With us you receive an automatic safety lancet as a bonus! Thus, the prick is much easier!
New and unique in Europe:
This is an HIV self-test of the 4th generation – which recognizes both the p24 antigen (HIV-1) and the antibodies (HIV-1 and HIV-2) – is also approved in the EU! So you buy safe and proven quality with CE certificate.To view the certificates, just click HERE.

This rapid test has passed extensive testing, which were done from renowned institutions such as were the German Red Cross in Hesse and the National Blood Bank in Budapest. Furthermore, this test was examined by the UNAIDS and WHO, and is praised in a report. The report can be found here or here (it is a PDF file, which requires Adobe Reader), or ask our support team, to send you the report by email.

This test has a reliability of 100% sensitivity and 99.87% specificity.

The study can be found below.




There are long-term supply contracts with: WHO, UNICEF, USAID, etc.

Even faster a reliable test result by the p24 antigen. Conventional HIV rapid test based on the detection of HIV antibodies and are reliable only after an incubation period of 90 days. By a reaction to the antigen p24 the infection is detected directly. The p24 antigen is detectable after 14 days in the blood for a period of about 4 weeks.

Remove quickly all the uncertainties of a possible HIV infection.
HIV is a virus that can cause AIDS. The virus spreads through unprotected sex or blood-blood contact. To prevent further spread of the virus, it is important that everyone has the risk of infection, makes a test. This is why we offer the Standard Diagnostics Inc. HIV home test. This allows you to test yourself whether you are HIV infected. Where and when you want. A reliable result (100% sensitivity) is available within minutes.

The set includes:
– Automatic safety lancet (to poke)
– Micro Pipette (for receiving the blood drop)
– Buffer solution container (for the evaluation of the test)
– Cassette (shows the result)It works as simple as a blood sugar control:
– Clean fingers
– Prick with a lancet in the finger (does not really hurt)
– Take with the micro pipette 1 or 2 drops of blood
– Put 1 drop of blood in the cassette
– Add 4 drops of the buffer solution slowly
– Finished – the result appears within 5-20 minutesEach buyer accepts the following conditions:
I am aware of the possibilities of the regular tests and I know what a positive test result means and the test is done on their own. A positive result must always be confirmed with a comparison test in the laboratory (eg Western blot) to confirm the result.


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