HIV home test/rapid test BioTechMed Urine-3 GMP – pack of 2

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HIV home test/rapid test BioTechMed Urine-3 GMP × 2

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Self test / home test for HIV-1 and HIV-2. Evidence of HIV infection after 90 days. From the experts BioTechMed. This test is GMP and ISO9001 certified and approved and has passed extensive testing! For this test, you only need a small drop of urine – no blood required.

2 packages – 2 applications
“BioTechMed HIV 1/2 Urine-3”, 3rd Generation

Finally available. This is a very simple to carry out HIV self-test. You only need to collect some urine in a container (cup) and put a drop on the test strip. After 15 minutes you will have the result.

This HIV-rapid test/self test reliably detects HIV I and II and all known HIV types (A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H and O) and all subtypes.

The offered HIV testing for self-diagnosis is according to the progress in viral diagnostics. In 3 extensive studies, 100% of the HIV-infected samples were detected.

This test has a reliability of 100% sensitivity and 100% specificity.

Here are the study which was carried out by InTec Research and BIOTECHMED:


Remove quickly all the uncertainties of a possible HIV infection.
HIV is a virus that can cause AIDS. The virus spreads through unprotected sex or blood-blood contact. To prevent further spread of the virus, it is important that everyone has the risk of infection, makes a test. This is why offer the BioTechMed HIV home test. This allows you to test yourself whether you are HIV infected. Where and when you want. A reliable result (100% sensitivity/100% specificity) occurs within minutes.

The HIV rapid tests are made to highest quality standards. The manufacturing process is certified according to DIN ISO 9001, GMP and is constantly monitored for compliance with the standards.

The set includes all you need to test – only a cup or glass you need to collect the urine.
If you get a positive result is imperative that you make even a blood test.

Each buyer accepts the following conditions:
I am aware of the possibilities of the regular tests and I know what a positive test result means and the test is done on their own. A positive result must always be confirmed with a comparison test in the laboratory (eg Western blot) to confirm the result.

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