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Gonorrhea Home Test: Who Should Be Tested And How Often You Should Get Tested

An individual can contract gonorrhea if they engage in sexual activity with an infected individual. It is caused by Neisseria, bacteria that thrive in moist and warm areas of the body. It takes little or no time for them to multiply and make one sick.

The bacteria are disseminated once the infected individual’s genitals come in contact with the mucous membranes of a non-infected person. This could be the mouth, anus, rectum, cervix, and urethra. Hence, one should exercise proper hygiene and take protective measures if they engage in any risky sexual activity.

Who should be tested?

What is surprising about gonorrhea is many people don’t know if they have the disease. The symptoms normally show between 2 and 8 days after being exposed to the infection. Some individuals don’t notice any symptoms until after they have had the infection for months. Others especially women may never show signs of having the infection at all.

If you have recently engaged in a risky sexual activity, you should get yourself tested with Tripper Rapid Test immediately. Even if you feel fine, you should get a gonorrhea test:

  • if you have had unprotected sex
  • if your partner has an STD  
  • if you are sexually active with multiple partners
  • if you have had STDs in the past

Getting yourself screened for an STD is vital. In the meantime, you must also look out for signs such as

  • painful bumps, blisters, warts, and sores around your genitals, anus, or mouth
  • burning sensation while passing urine
  • flu-like symptoms
  • bleeding from the anus and genitals
  • slushy discharge from genital
  • skin rashes

Gonorrhea Testing

How often should you get tested?

Testing yourself for an STD is crucial every time you have sexual intercourse with unknown people. Individuals who are highly active and have sexual encounters with multiple partners are advised to take the STD tests once in 2 months. This is because most STDs take 2-3 months to fully show up.

However, if one notices symptoms that could most likely be an STD, they must rush to a doctor immediately. STD tests such as the Gonorrhea home test let infected people take the test at home. All they need to do is place an order for the home test kit, collect the sample, hand it over to a nearby lab and, consult the doctor. Gonorrhea is curable and can be contained if medical advice is sought at the right time.